Sunday, July 5, 2009

A New Family Member

Such is the life in Southeast Louisiana. As soon as the end of May nears, we start thinking about hurricane season. We bought a generator in Houston while we were evacuated for Katrina. Phillip used it when he had gone back to check on the house and his office. It was a cheapish model and served its purpose briefly. We bought a second generator year before last. It was used last year when Gustav blew through. It was tossed around a bit when the small tornado ripped though the back yard. Phillip tried to get it up and running for this season. It was not cooperating. He has tried everything and Bill, our next door neighbor, came over to lend his expertise. Nope, nothing, nada.

We headed over to Lowe's and bought another generator. You really don't want to go too long without power. Trust me on this. Hopefully, it will be easier to put together than the last one.

Added 7/6/09 Phillip decided to take the air filter out of the old one and rinse and let it dry as a last resort. He is convinced that the old generator started up right a way because it saw the handwriting on the wall with the new generator sitting next to it.