Thursday, July 16, 2009

Get Me Away From Her

It has been several days and Hanna is still not interested in meeting us. I know we are loud, smell funny, and increase the number of people in the house over her norm. Today, Nana and I took a drive to see Papa's grave. Hanna loves to ride in the car as much as Skittles does. It is a battle to see who can get out of the garage door and to the car first. Hanna jumped in the back of the car. As I passed by, I stopped to talk to her. She immediately decided she was moving as far as possible and sat in the passenger's seat. I guess I was expected to ride in the back. When I moved to the passenger's side, she moved to the driver's side. Poor Hanna. Here is was messing up her fun. Nana got Hanna to move to the back and we took off. Hanna did let me pet her, but she would have been happiest if I had been back at home.