Monday, February 2, 2009

Truly Pitiful

Everyday when I feed the dogs, the cats want some too. This is a relatively new occurrence. We have had the dogs for over 4 years and the cats started with wanting "lunch" about 6 months ago. The cats have always had dry food available 24/7. I mix wet and dry food together for the dog girls. For a while, Whiskers would come in and eat the dog food (usually with Jasmine eating at the same time).

Lately I have been buying Fancy Feast and putting a little on plates for Whiskers and Pretty. Pretty will come and sit patiently at my feet for her lunch. Much of the time, Whiskers expects to be waited on. Today she is in her "Ker Cube" (as C calls it) having a siesta. She doesn't even come out to eat. She just sticks her head out and chows down. That is just sad.