Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Magic Kingdom...again

Magic Kingdom is our favorite park. Usually the plan is to get in the park and race to Splash Mountain for the first ride. After that, all of the other rides are given a turn. This picture of Cinderella's Castle was taken as we were coming out of Tomorrowland heading toward Main Street. The castle is so pretty and at night it changes colors. The girls rode Space Mountain as much as they could.  Fast Passes are a wonderful invention.  

We always open and close our Disney World trips with the Magic Kingdom.


Lin said...

We went to eat at the Contemporary Hotel last weekend--the California Grill. As we started to eat, the lights dimmed, and the music began for the fireworks display over the castle. It was just lovely. Even if I was just there for dinner (my friend work for Disney), we had such a nice time. I hope you are enjoying yourself and the weather is warmer than what we had.

Lisa R said...

Magic Kingdom is my favorite too.

Veronica Lee said...

I love Magic Kingdom too.