Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Like Sand Through the Hourglass...

...So are the Days of Our Lives. I didn't watch soap operas until I was in college. I remember walking down the halls of the dorm around 1:00 and hearing the familiar opening to the show, "Days of Our Lives". When I saw the opening, it always made me think of time moving ever so slowly.

Today, the show's opening popped into my head again. I took Robyn to the doctor. Our appointment was for 2:45. We arrived 5 minutes early. When we walked into the office, the waiting room was packed. I knew we wouldn't be in and out. We were called back after 45 minutes and waited and waited and waited for the doctor to come in. Time was draggggging by. We heard 2 knocks on the door and it slowly opened. We would perk up, but it was a nurse either coming in to get a supply or a nurse coming in to replenish a supply. Finally after 45 minutes in the exam room, the door opened and it was the doctor. I was so happy to see her. I think the sand in my hourglass was getting ready to run out.


Lisa R said...

hope it wasn't anything serious.