Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Doorman...or should I say Doordog

Skittles handles our door responsibilities. Not that Jasmine doesn't also come and "help", but Skittles is always there first. She likes to look out of the window when someone comes to the door, watch the girls get on the bus, and just check out who is walking down her street. Today I was standing on the front porch trying to get some pictures of the rain . Skittles kept checking on me to make sure I was alright. It is so funny when she looks out these side windows by our front door. She uses her nose to push the curtain out of the way. The curtains are pulled tight so they cover the area completely. She has to push kinda hard with her nose to move them. When she does this, the end of her nose gets pushed to the side. From the front, it is a funny site. It didn't show too well in this picture, but I have been wanting to get a picture of her performing her duty.