Saturday, February 7, 2009


This morning I went to the post office to mail 2 pairs of earrings purchased from me (thanks Joodlenoodles!). The post office opened at 9:00 and I was there a few minutes after. Two ladies were standing in front of the closed doors to the retail area. There is a small window just in front of the retail area where you can ring a bell to get certain services "after hours". A postal working was at this window talking to one of the ladies. The worker closed the window and I asked the ladies what was up. "The person with the key didn't show up for work." He was just running late. That is classic. I am so amused by this. There is one key to open the retail area? I love it. Several people came in and also stared at the closed doors. The postal worker came back and helped the next couple of people standing there, including me. I was able to mail my package and left before the doors opened. I wonder when this person showed up for work? You have to love living in a small town. This little slice of life has had me smiling all day.