Friday, February 6, 2009

My Velcro Friend

Skittles is my velcro pal. Most days she is lying nearby as I work on the computer. When I am in the rest of the house she will follow me there. The kitchen is the only room she doesn't lie close by. When I am in the kitchen, she will go lie in her room just around the corner. Skittles loves to be with her people. She needs to be where we are. This picture shows what I see of our guardian and was taken after the girls came home from school. The hallway she is lying in is just outside the computer room door (where I am) and her head is sticking out of the doorway to the den (where the girls are). This is the perfect location to for her to keep track of us. Whenever she lies in this hall, she always is upside down. I do feel supremely safe.