Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding

It must be a girl thing to love weddings. I remember playing "wedding" with my friends and fantasizing about how our weddings would be. From the dresses, to the flowers, music, and food, it was all fun to think about. When there is a royal wedding, you get to see all of the fluff and pageantry at its best. I remember vividly when Charles and Diana were married. I closely followed the events preceding the wedding. Someone was going to be a princess and I wanted to watch. She was my age. How cool! I woke up in the middle of the night to watch the ceremony and discussed it with my friends. We all loved it and had hopes of adding some of the parts of it to our weddings someday.

Fast forward almost 30 years and Charles and Diana's older son, William, is married today. I knew I would want to watch the wedding, so I stayed up and knit. I loved watching what the people wore and all of the crazy hats (Yes I am talking about you Princess Beatrice). I loved the moment when Kate stepped out of the car and we finally were able to see her dress. I especially loved how they played a fanfare when the Queen entered the church and watching her while everyone sang "God Save the Queen". My favorite part was when the bride and groom left the church in the open carriage. Everyone waved and cheered. All weddings should be like this.

I thought back to the day when I watched his parents marry and how I had dreams of my own wedding and marriage. A lot has happened in those 30 years. I am now married to my prince and have my own princesses. Sometimes our lives don't take the paths you think they will take. If you are lucky, it will take you right where you want to be. I am one of those lucky ones.


Lin said...

I'm right along with ya on this one--I got up early and watched too. Along with Diana's wedding and funeral.

I really loved this wedding because it was like the whole Diana saga came full circle--I honestly think these two love each other. I hope he has the good marriage and true love that his mom never found.

Merry said...

I agree 100%. I am glad he was able to choose someone he loves instead of someone "they" wanted him to choose. That is one of the things that was so sad about Diana.