Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where's Dean Street?

Here is is. It is just what you were waiting for...another cable hat. Yes, I am still on my cable streak. I have had this hat in my queue for a bit and it finally made it to the top. I don't really knit then in order of my queue, but it was finally chosen. Sometimes when I look at my queue, a pattern just reaches out and says "knit me". This one did. I had the option for knitting a rolled brim or a ribbed brim. I had never done a rolled brim that had anything other than stockinette for the rest of the hat, so I wanted to see how that would look. I like the look. It gives it just enough interest to make it stand out. I like a rolled brim anyway, so this really worked for me. The cable was the same one used throughout the hat so I could continue watching Dr. Who on Netflix without the fear I would forget the pattern. (Robyn introduced Cara and I to Dr. Who and I have been on a roll watching seasons 1-4 on the computer. I can see why they were so upset when David Tennant left the series.) So...there you have it. Dr. Who and knitting. The perfect duo.

P. S. I am working on a Dr. Who scarf. It is my "car knitting". I leave in the car and work on when I am waiting at doctor's appointments, car line, restaurants, etc. Someday you will see it here :)