Saturday, April 23, 2011

Guess Where I Am

Cara and her friends have a great time together. It seems like every weekend something is going on and they get together. This weekend the Louisiananime Convention was in Baton Rouge. They had to go. Cara and her friends spent weeks planning their costumes and such. She ordered a wig and costume off of Ebay. The wig arrived in time, but the costume did not. I drove Cara, Twix and Lyuke
up there where they met up with Sydney and Caitlin. I brought my Dr. Who scarf, found a good spot and sat back to people watch. There were some sights to see. So many interesting things to see. I positioned myself right where the participants would come and go from the events. I didn't know many of the characters, but I did recognize a few. My favorite was a guy dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow. I can never get too much of Captain Jack.