Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where's the Kitty?

Having a cat (or if you are luckier...cats) can bring a multitude of joys and laughter. I love reading about the cat escapades from bloggers such as Lin of Duck and Wheel with String, or from the cats themselves, Daisy and Harley of Daisy the Curly Cat. Cats are the original comics and they will have you smiling in no time. Lin sometimes does a little feature called "Where's the Kitty?". It is usually a post about some silly place Hobbes has gone. I am hitching a ride on Lin's coat tails and doing a "Where's the Kitty" segment too.

Robyn spent the weekend cleaning her room. When she cleans, she usually has one administrative assistant (Whiskers) in the room "helping". This time Pretty felt the need to come and put in her 2 cents on what needed to be done. I went into Robyn's room to ask her a question, and at first all I saw was her bed covered with her stuffed wolf collection. Then, I looked closer and noticed 2 orange ears moving. Pretty was taking a much needed break by sitting in the warm sun by the window. It was the perfect spot. She was able to blend in and not be noticed by the dogs and it was warm and cozy.


Lin said...

Oh, funny, Merry!!! Thanks for the link.

We LOVE "Where's the Kitty?" at our house. Hobbes has a new hideout over in the neighbor's weeds--I'll have to catch him over there with the camera.

I cracked up when I saw those little ears over the stuffed animal!!! I'm glad it's not just us that has to deal with the goofs!

Daisy said...

Camouflage: you're doin' it right!

Thanks for the linkie!