Monday, June 15, 2009

Ringling and the Beach

This morning we had an appointment for a tour of Ringling College of Art and Design and with a admissions counselor following. Wow, the classrooms are impressive. One of the first stops was the Animation Department. Robyn's eyes popped when she entered the room with all of the animation desks (donated by Disney). She has wanted one of those desks since the first time she used one several years ago. In the hallway, they have plaques of some of the companies who employ Ringling graduates. It was like the Who's Who of companies who use animators. I got an annoying nose bleed, so I went back to the admissions office. Robyn and gang said the rest of the tour was just as great. She also loved the illustration department, the other major she is considering.

The college counselor was very informative and gave Robyn great input about her portfolio. I enjoyed hearing that he thought we work was as special as we do. His words have given Robyn a lot of think about and helps in her decision on where to visit next.

After Ringling, we drove around Sarasota a bit and then found a beach. I abhor the beach and Cara is not too thrilled either. Phillip and Robyn ran out to the water, Cara walked a little and I took a picture and went back to the air conditioned car to knit. I know; I am a pill. Cara and I had great discussions about why we hate the beach while Phillip and Robyn were having fun.