Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Signature Move

Tonight, I met a couple of friends for dinner. I enjoy spending time with friends, but I also enjoy coming home to see what kind of mischief Phillip and the girls have gotten into. He can usually get the girls to do all kinds of silly stuff to show me when I get home. Tonight, Phillip and Cara had a little dance step they called "The Signature Move". They had a great time showing their move, cracking each other up and being goofy. They tried to get Robyn to join in, but she was interested in standing by me and watching the show. It was like getting a calorie free dessert when I got home...sweet and fulfilling.


Lin said...

That's funny! I love how Philip is getting into trouble with the girls. Aren't you afraid to come home to see what you'll find??!

Merry said...

Not really. It is pretty much 100% goofy and has me laughing. Although I now do remember a time when he took the girls to the pet store and bought 6 goldfish. Like you had the Great Frog Disaster of '08, it was the Great Fish Killoff. I don't remember the year, but a fish died once an hour. It was really sad and quite yucky. I came home just in time to find the first one dead.