Monday, June 1, 2009


I saw a post on Ravelry about knitting preemie and newborn hats. City Year Louisiana, a member of Americorps, has organized several service events in Baton Rouge and New Orleans as part of a 100 Hours of Power. I have been on the hat making kick, so I thought I would give baby hats a try. I broke out of my box and found a new pattern to try. Yes, it is still a rolled brim hat like the others, but it does have a different type of finishing the crown of the hat. Ok, I moved from one box to another box, but it is a sweet hat. When I look at it, I just think " is so cute." It knit up pretty fast and I am ready to start another one. Robyn started one, but she is letting me finish it up so she can make her famous bunnies.

I don't know why I like making hats. I just do. Someday I'll be known around town as the crazy cat lady who makes hats.


One Creative Queen said...

Well, that's better than being known around town as the crazy cat lady who babbles and drools on herself - which is what I'm sure to be known as!

BTW - those hats *are* adorable! :) xx

Merry said...

They might also add those descriptives to my title too.

Thanks for the compliment on the hats. I have completed 3 more. They are so fun to make.