Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Love Me Some Baseball

We don't get the opportunity to watch major league baseball too often. Phillip jumps on any chance to do so. I love baseball too, but the girls are not so thrilled. We went to see the Devil Rays play the Washington Nationals. Our seats were pretty good and the game was great. Robyn started to get into the game and asked a lot of questions. By the end, she said she was starting to like baseball. Cara mostly read her book like she did last summer when we saw the Mets play.

The girls both enjoyed the vast opportunities for people watching. One of the most interesting was this guy with the major dreadlocks. I think those are the longest I have ever seen. Another favorite was a fan who would wave around a broom. This was the final game in a 3 game series with the Nationals, so fans were hoping for a sweep.