Sunday, May 30, 2010

What's In Robyn's Car?

Today we are playing what is in Robyn's car. A couple of weeks ago, she participate in the Talented Art Senior Show. All of her pieces were either fully knitted or had a part that was knitted. They featured animals. So for the past two weeks, she has driven around with these animals in her car after the show was over. I guess she enjoys the company. In the back seat we see the electrocuted fox, the armadillo road kill, and part of the clubbed baby seal. In the very back, we can see the head of the slaughtered cow. Her theme was animal cruelty. She wants to hang the cow in the den. We nixed that idea. Who knows how long her animal creations will continue to hitch a ride.


Lin said...

I guess it beats smelly gym clothes and old food, right?