Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Tick !!!

Never let it be said that Phillip and I have great eyesight. Tonight, I was rubbing Skittles tummy. I saw this black thing. It looked like a tick. From all angles, it was a tick. I got Phillip. Same diagnosis. We got Robyn. She worked at a pet shop so she was the family expert. While I googled "tick removal" Phillip and Robyn discussed their options. Skittles was thrilled to have so many people giving her attention and giving her love. We got the glass of alcohol to kill the tick ready and the trust tweezers were in hand. Phillip tries to grab it but cannot get a good grip. Robyn starts to think it was not a tick after all. She takes hold of the tweezers and pulls off...a glob of dirt. I am thinking it must have some pine tar mixed in with the mud because it did not break down even spending the night in the glass of alcohol. So there you have it. Phillip and I are blind and Skittles got her attention. Her plan worked.


Lin said...

Hahahaha! I love that story! You guys sound like us. :)