Thursday, May 6, 2010


Today I went in for chemo training. There were supposed to be a couple of other people in the "class", but I was the only one who made it. I was happy to have the nurse all to myself. I could ask all of the questions I wanted and no one else could hijack the class. The nurse was great about explaining about the procedure and all of the potential side effects. My cousin, Evelyne, told me that a friend told her that with cancer you get "cut up, poisoned, and fried". I will get to do the "cut up and poisoned" part. At this time no radiation is needed as there is nothing to radiate. The side effects are many and sound daunting. One of the drugs, Adriamycin, has the nick name "red devil". That should give you a hint how much fun that one will be. I will be given that one and another one, Cytoxan, every 3 weeks for 4 rounds. After that, I will have 4 rounds of Taxotere. All three drugs cause hair loss. I will be a baldy. My friend, Kathy, works at a local high school. She told me a story about how some of the goth kids are starting to transition to rockin' the bald look. I will be cutting edge! But just in case I don't want to go "topless", I now have this lovely prescription for a cranial prosthesis. I love how there are no refills on the prescription.


Lin said...

I dunno, I have heard that chemo these days isn't as bad as it was years ago. Let's hope not. I'm tryin to be positive here, can you tell?

I'm kinda slow--is that another way of saying "wig"? If that is, I'd be getting some wild ones! Daisy the Curly cat has got a purple one that you may want to check out. :)

Merry said...

They have given me prescriptions for several excellent drugs for the nausea, etc.

The cranial prosthesis is a wig in insurance speak. Isn't that a hoot?