Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gilly and Jacky

I am having so much fun lately with my test knitting. This in another pattern I am helping to knit and check the pattern for the designer. I haven't done a slip stitch pattern in a while and was looking forward to this one. It gives me the opportunity to do colorwork without all of the pain of stranded colorwork, like I did on the mitts You Are Here. I LOVED this pattern. It was fun to see how the variegated yarn would knit up and how the colors would present. Some yarns have long stretches of color. Others not so much. This particular yarn looked great. It changed quickly and added lots of color changes to the mitts. I have some more yarn I want to try with this pattern. You will be seeing this one again.

This are fingerless mitts #8 in the 11 fingerless mitts in 2011 challenge.


Lin said...

Okay, I know you make a lot of these, so I have to ask....

Don't your fingers get cold?

Merry said...

Not really. It doesn't get that cold down here. Now if I lived close to you...that would be a whole different story.