Thursday, February 17, 2011

Choosing Classes for High School

Tonight the Class of 2015 registered for classes at FHS. My baby is starting high school next year. Time has sped by. She is so excited and ready for the big leagues. Having gone through the process once before with Robyn has allowed me to be much more relaxed about the process. I was talking to a couple of parents last night who will have their first/only one beginning high school. They looked a little worried and concerned about high school. It is a little scary. Freshmen look so little compared to the upperclassmen. It is hard to know where their classes are at first and which is the best way to get there. Going through the Mall to get to class can at times be the worst option. I plan to get Robyn to take Cara and some of her friends over to FHS this summer to let them look around and get their bearings a bit. That should help to ease some of the concern for the parents a tiny bit.


Lin said...

The requirements for college now don't leave much room in high school schedules, so I didn't find course selection for the kids all that difficult. It's just sad that we don't have fun options for them to take--it's all college prep now.

How exciting that Cara is in high school now!! Boy, those years fly by. :(

Merry said...

You are right. She has electives, but they are not true electives...more like choices between this or that.