Monday, March 22, 2010

Yellow Death

It's here. The pollen. I. HATE. POLLEN. I have been taking Zyrtec like crazy, but it doesn't seem to help. Robyn and Phillip who normally don't have problems are not happy either. I am glad Cara seems to have dodged the pollen bullet. Everything is covered with a haze of yellow. I yearn for rain to wash it out of the trees, off of my world and clean the air. It rained yesterday and this is what is left of a puddle. The yellow yuck on the sides is the pollen that was washed out by the rain. You can see a bit of it floating on the water. My understanding is that it is not the pine pollen that is causing my woes. I read that pine pollen is really too large to cause significant inhalation problems. The true problem is that when the pines bloom, so do the oaks, maples, cypress, and grasses that make my life difficult. Years ago I was tested for allergies. The report on my "scratch test" was that I was allergic to everything I was tested for...cats, dogs, trees, grasses, foods. The only thing I did not test positive for was...chocolate. Honestly. Thank you, Lord.