Sunday, March 28, 2010

Robyn's Egg Hat

This is the second hat I knit for the ladies. The pattern is called Robin's Egg Hat, but mine is renamed for my Robyn. It, too, is a cute hat. I hope it fits ok since I could not knit it a little "long" to allow for extra length which could be turned up if necessary. I love how the seed stitch gives the brim that something extra. Doesn't Linda look great?


Lin said...

Linda is HOT. ;)

Merry said...

Isn't she a hoot? Phillip has banished her out of the family room and kitchen areas because she creeps him out. She is in the computer room/craft room. She does take people by surprise when they first come in. Maybe I should take her to the hospital with me... At least she would be a quiet roommate.

Lin said...

I have a feeling that she has probably scared a few folks in her day. But what other fun is there for a fake head??