Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bunnies for Kitties

Easter is coming and I thought the adoptable kitties at Robyn's work could use some Easter treats. I saw a cute pattern for knitted bunnies on Ravelry and decided to give that a try and felt them. I wish I had taken a picture after the felting because they turned out perfect. Pretty was not happy with me. I didn't make any for either her or Whiskers. Whiskers seems to be pretty ok with it, but Pretty was not. When I was putting the stuffing and catnip in the bunnies, I left briefly. Yes, I know now that was not a smart thing, but I confess I did not think it through. When I returned, catnip was everywhere. Stuffing and bunnies were scattered all over. One of the bunnies was missing. I did a search around the immediate area and the missing bunny was no where to be seen. I decided to finish the bunnies before looking for the last one. Pretty jumped up and tried to steal another one. When I refused to let her, she let me know her opinion by giving me four perfect tooth marks in my arm. They correspond perfectly to her fangs, upper and lower. I won out though. The missing bunny was found by Skittles. She walking around the house showing it to everyone.