Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The State of Knitting

When I grow up I want to be this lady. She is Bonney, the mother-in-law of fellow knitter and author, Anna Hrachovec. Anna recently posted on her blog an update to a post she wrote back in 2007 about her mother-in-law's yarn stash. Wow! How cool is that? Phillip would have a cow; I would be oh so tickled pink.

I have decided not to do the usual types of New Year's resolutions this year. Instead, I want to resolve to learn new knitting techniques. I think this is something easily obtainable and something I look forward to doing instead of say...losing weight.

This year I plan to:

1. Knit 11 hats in 2011 (This is a no brainer. A group on Ravelry, 11 Hats in 2011, is doing a knit a long [KAL] this year).
2. Knit 11 fingerless mitts in 2011 (Another Ravelry group, Fingerless Glove Fanatics, has a KAL going on this year)
3. I want to knit with wire and make a piece of jewelry
4. I want to knit with recycled yarn. Take a piece of clothing and unravel it to use the yarn in another item.
5. I want to do some graffiti knitting or yarn bombing. See some examples here.
6. I want to knit something that has beads in it. Maybe a shawl, scarf, or fingerless mitts.
7. I want to write and publish (on Ravelry) 3 more patterns. It doesn't have to be hats.
8. I want to use up most of the novelty yarn I have. The projects I do most often don't use it and it is taking up the space another skein of yarn could use.
9. I want to knit a project from a book I bought (probably "Knitting MochiMochi").
10. Knit something wonderful with the Muench Touch Me yarn I received for Christmas 2009. I keep looking for just the right project. I love to just pet that yarn.
11. Learn two more cast on techniques.

I think I will leave learning how to spin yarn for next year :)


Lin said...

OMG! That would give me a breakdown! All those projects ahead!!! YIKES!

Merry said...

Stretched out over the year, it's not so bad and it would relieve any guilt when knitting. I have to do these things now since I put it all out there.