Friday, January 21, 2011

Exactly What I Needed

This past week or two I have had trouble sleeping due to some family drama. I envy Phillip's ability to fall asleep within minutes of going to bed. My dad was the same way. He said it was the result of "hard work and a clear conscious". I can't sleep when things are bothering me. I stew, ruminate, obsess. Last night was one of those nights. I tried several times to sleep. Didn't happen. I got online and started reading the message boards on Ravelry. They are always available for some good tips and often a laugh. I read a thread about ambiguous signage and what people guessed they meant. It was hysterical. Someone posted a link to a sign generating site and then the thread took off on a whole other path. Some of my favorites were:



Far and away my favorite of the night was the one below. Every time I thought about it, I would crack up all over again. I finally went to sleep with a smile on my face.


Anonymous said...

Those are hilarious! Sometimes when you can't fix the problem a good laugh for the sake of distraction is exactly what you need. Glad you got a laugh and hopefully the drama will pass soon!

Merry said...

Nancy- I was laughing so much last night that the cat trying to sleep on me got disgusted with my jiggling, gave me the face and left.

Lin said...

I'm like you--I toss and turn. And things always seem worse in the middle of the night.

Love the signs!