Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year in Review

2010 was an interesting year to be sure. Many new and wonderful. Others not so hot. Here is a little taste of the good and the bad.

1. Robyn graduated from high school. We are so proud of her. She graduated 41st out of 489. Amazing. She is way smarter that I am. She is off to college now and experiencing college life.

2. Cara started playing the guitar. Phillip bought a guitar for me a year ago and I had never gotten around to playing it. Cara said she was interested in taking lessons. She is wonderful. I love listening to her although she does not like it.

3. Phillip continues to be busy at work. Good for us, but bad for his clients. People are still declaring bankruptcy big time.

4. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I kinda felt I would get it and worried about it for years ever since a scare in 1988. It was a bit freeing to get it out there, face it and then kick it to the curb. The biggest pluses? No more mammograms and I had lots of time to knit.

1. I found out I had breast cancer. In the deepest darkest parts of my my mind, I knew I would get this one day. Chemo lasted 5 months. I lost my hair, my sense of taste (for a while), and have messed up finger and toe nails. I still have some neuropathy in my feet and a some of my fingers. I sure hope that gets better.

2. Robyn went to college. I know this is a good thing, but I miss her...even the messes she makes. Five hours away is too far for me to just jump in a car and go and see her. That fact would be on her "good" list.

3. I can't think of a #3. This year wasn't bad at all if you take out the cancer stuff. We are fortunate to have so much and have much to be thankful for. Maybe this should move up to the "good" list and be #5 there :D


Lin said...

What a year, eh? I can't believe that those kids are growing up so fast. Colin is off to college too, but he is only 3 hours away. Still too far though.

I think you will get the feeling back in your fingers and toes. I was just talking to someone about that exact same issue. I think she got her feeling back. I hope so.

I hope you are feeling better and you are kicking this whole cancer thing. I think of you often and include you in my prayers. I'm glad you post every so often so I can "check in" on ya. :)