Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dog Park

We are happy we have a dog park in the community. It opened last spring and it is a nice space for the puppies to run and act goofy. There isn't much shade, so we avoid it when it is hot. Today was a nice day to go to the park. There were just enough dogs to make it interesting, but not too many that things could get out of hand. Jasmine and Skittles had a great time. Everyone told Jasmine how beautiful she was (like her ego needs stroking) and Skittles received lots of pets and rubs. Life was perfect. As soon as the Saints game started, the park emptied fast. I found that very amusing.


Lin said...

Those dog parks crack me up! I love how all the dogs run around and play together. Can you imagine a cat park??? They'd all be fighting. :)