Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oil Spill

Sometimes Big Business is all about making a buck. They cut corners and don't worry as much as they should about safety issues. I think this is what happened with the BP oil spill in the Gulf. I don't think BP was looking at anything other than to get the oil in the quickest way possible. It was about quantity, not quality. No thought to safety, following standard procedure, or accountability. Their shortsightedness has changed this area for a very long time, probably for at least my lifetime. I am the daughter of a petroleum engineer. I grew up knowing a little about how drilling works. I don't have a problem with drilling in the Gulf, IF procedures are in place and followed. They were not in this case. The management will never know the full effect the spill with have on this area and in some cases, they might not even care. Sad and tragic.


Lin said...

I don't think most of our nation knows or feels the devastation of your community. There is hardly any reporting of how it is affecting jobs or the people who live there. There is NO reporting of the loss of animals and sea creatures. They were talking about that on the radio yesterday--it's like they can't do anything about it so they don't report the bad news to us all. It is sickening.