Monday, July 12, 2010


We loaded up the car and headed west on I-10 to see Mom and Cathy. It was so good to see them since we had not seen them since Christmas. Houston was smoking hot and not in a cute, attractive way. It was dripping sweat hot. Seriously hot. We decided in this lovely heat to shop for guitar picks (for Cara) and college stuff (for Robyn). This was the temperature reading when we left the Container Store. Yikes. We could fry and egg on the ground.

As we got ready to round the final turn in the subdivision and pull into the parking lot, we saw a family of ducks playing in the water at the edge of the curb. Lot of neighbors were watering their grass and the run off was an excellent swimming pool. As we got closer, the ducks waddled off to find other enjoyment. I love the ducks in Mom's subdivision. They are always in for a good time.