Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well...the surgery was a go and I had it yesterday. Benedict and Arnold are history. Good riddance. I am not a fan of being in the hospital. The bed is uncomfortable, you are hooked up to all sorts of junk and people come in and out all of the time to poke and prod you. They have these nifty boot thingies on my legs to keep me from getting blood clots. They said they would feel like getting a massage. It doesn't, but it is better than a clot. Those are not fun and I have had enough of those to last a lifetime. I miss my "bed" and my sleeping buddy, Pretty.


Lin said...

Them is some snappy socks you got there, Merry. I've had those "massage" leggings too and I didn't like them very much. It's great when they finally take them off.

Merry said...

They give you those goofy socks so you don't slip and fall when you walk...then they put the booties on you so you can't walk ;P