Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Perfect 10

These last couple of pictures (the ones from the hospital) were taken with my phone. I didn't have my camera at the hospital, so the picture quality is not the best.

This is a picture of a dime. It is not just any dime. It is a "Papa dime". Right after Dad died, we started finding dimes around where we were. It is always a single dime. I keep all of the Papa dimes I find and Robyn and Cara bring me the dimes they find as well. Sometimes months will go by and I will not find a dime. Other times I will find several in the same week. This was one of those weeks. I found 2 just before my surgery (one of which was lying next to the fur babies water bowl), Phillip had one fall out of a set of client files that had been banded together (he doesn't keep any money in these files, ever), and the girls found this one on their way to come spring me out of the joint (hospital). I know this is my Dad's way of letting know he is watching out for us. It gives me great comfort to know he is always with me. I really need him now.


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Merry,

I get pennies from my son.

I got a lot when I had breast cancer and was doing treatments.

Not so many since.

But I love it when I do.

I know that they are from him because the first one appeared as I was taking a photo of his headstone. I clicked the picture and pop it was there. In the picture it is not.

Funny thing about the pennies from my son. They don't tarnish like the other pennies do.

Thanks for sharing.

Hugs, Euphoria

Lin said...

Oh, I like that! What a comfort to know he is looking out for you AND sending you money too!

Merry said...

Euphoria- I am happy to hear you get gifts from your son. They are wonderful gifts.

Lin- If someone had told me about finding dimes like we do, I hope I would be as open minded as everyone has been when I tell them about the dimes. It is another one of those mysteries they we will find out about someday.