Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scarfy for My Baby

Now is was Cara's turn again for something Mom knit. I made her the wrist warmers a couple months ago. She now wanted a scarf. We looked at the patterns I had favored on Ravelry. She quickly found one she was happy with. I looked at her with surprise. How could she make a decision so quickly? There are 100s of patterns to look at. I have about 75 scarf patterns favored, yet she found one she liked after looking at three. Oh. Ok. She had gone to Michaels with Robyn and already purchased the yarn she wanted...something not already in my stash. I enjoyed making the scarf. It was my second lace pattern. I like doing simple lace. I like the way you don't know how all of the increases and decreases will look until you are a couple of rows down. It was a fun pattern. One to keep for later.


Lin said...

Ooooh, it's so pretty!!! You'll have to show me what you make with that yarn I sent you. I'll be curious.

Merry said...

I will definitely let you know :D