Friday, January 22, 2010

Don't Remind Me

Usually once a week we order pizza. Robyn and I watch one of our favorite reality TV shows (lately Project Runway). We eat pizza and discuss details of the show and how we would never make the foolish mistakes the people on the show make. Cara sits and eats with us and immediately pops off to enjoy some computer time. Phillip is in the bedroom watching football or some old war movie. As I was sitting the pizza boxes on the counter, I noticed some new writing on the lower right hand corner of the box. "Dominos Pizza 50 Years 1960-2010". Perfect. Dominos and I are both turning 50 this year. I remember how worked up I was my 29th year about turning 30. Once it happened, I realized it was no big thing. Turning 40 did not affect me at all. I know I am due for some teasing. When Phillip turned 50, the girls and I teased him mercilessly about being eligible for AARP. My turn is coming. A couple of days ago, I was applying for a passport. I came to the box on the application for hair color. I was unsure what color to put. Well, it was a mousey brown before I starting highlighting it with blonde. I started doing this when Cara was 4. We had gone out for breakfast and the girl behind the counter told me how nice it was to be taking my granddaughter out for breakfast. The girls tease me that it is more gray than blonde or brown. I asked the lady at the post office (she was processing my application) what she thought. She looked at it and saw what I meant about which color to put down. After a few seconds, she said "gray" and wrote that down. I am not thrilled about the number 50. There are worse things that can happen.