Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Birthday with Elton

One of the things I have on my bucket list is to see Elton John in concert.  I listened to a lot of Elton during my teenage years and have a ton of memories tied to his songs.  Phillip was checking out who was playing in different places in the US and noticed that Elton John would be playing in Vegas on my birthday.  He asked if I was interested.  Oh yes.  I was!  Phillip loves him too and since Vegas is his happy place, this would be a great vacation for us.  I was excited about bringing my computer along and working on my scrapbook pages as I am not a gambler.  I would be very content to have uninterrupted time to work on my pages.  We stayed at Bally's, which was close to several casinos including Caesar's Palace where Elton was playing.

Phillip spent time playing poker and betting in the sports books of several casinos and I did my thing.  It worked out for both of us perfectly as we did what made us happy and met up to eat and talk about what we had done with our day.

The concert was wonderful. We had great seats and I spend the whole concert singing, clapping and dancing in my seat. He played mostly old favorites with a couple of more contemporary ones. I had great time. It was my best birthday present ever.

" The Bitch is Back"

"Rocket Man"

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

"Philadelphia Freedom"

"Don't Let the Sum Go Down on Me"

"Crocodile Rock"

"Circle of Life"

Greeting the fans after the show