Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Flower

I don't like knitting from charts. I don't think in symbols as well as in words. I know it makes the pattern longer having to write it all out, but it is how I need it to be. I have been wanting to make this pattern, Lotus Hat, for a while. The way the stitches are designed to decrease down to the wonderful pattern at the top is genius to me. That design took some mad skills. I put the hat in my queue and every time a looked for a project to start, I would go back to it to see if anyone had posted they had written out the chart stitches. Nope. Lotus Hat kept getting pushed back further and further down in the queue. A couple of days ago, something just clicked. I was ready to give charts a shot and this was the project I wanted to try them on. I don't know why I was so bunched up about this. It turned out to be easy. The charts were simple and well written. I think charts are like math. I have a built in negative response to them and kinda shut down instead of giving them a try. I am eager to give charts another chance now. This hat pattern made me a believer.


Anonymous said...

Wow. What an incredible design! Charts really aren't that hard:) It's math yes, but in pictures. I draw my own patterns all the time on graph paper- low tech, but nothing this complicated- just pattern work!

Merry said...

Nancy- Isn't the design wonderful? I fell in love and kept going back to it each time I wanted to start a new project. I will continue to give charts a try.