Friday, October 8, 2010

Chemo is Done!

If I had a picture of fireworks, I would post it here. I am finished with chemo. These last 4 rounds were harder than the first 4. It is usually the other way with most patients, but then again I will find a way to be difficult.

The worst parts of chemo were losing my taste buds for the past 2 1/2 months and my lack of energy. Almost everything tasted like nothing and what little I could taste, didn't taste the way it should. It was the pits. Instead of curtailing my eating, I found myself eating things just in hopes I could taste them. The worst was not being able to taste donuts or a Hershey bar with almonds. I really wanted those two in the baddest way possible. There are supercentenarians with more energy than I have, but it will come back. I also have the lovely side effect of having blackened fingernails and toenails. All but one of my fingernails has a blackened area on it and both of my big toenails are black. I lost part of one toenail and will possibly loose the other. Oh joy. One other toenail has a tiny bit of black, but the rest are ok. My side effects could have been worse. I only felt nauseous twice and both times I forgot to take my medicine to combat that. I have some neuropathy in my fingers and feet. It is annoying and hopefully it will go away. I didn't have many of the other issues others had.

My greatest source of support was my family and friends. Phillip was amazing and did what he had to do without a single complaint. The Oncology staff at Ochsner Clinic Covington was wonderful. The nurses did a great job and I especially loved the nurse practitioner, Michelle Anthony. The ladies of the May Chemo 2010 group at were a tremendous support as well. No topic was taboo and believe me, there are some questions you might be afraid to ask. From here, I will be taking Tamoxifan for 5 years and then an Aromatase Inhibitor for another 5. At least that is the plan at this point. I will have periodic visits to the Oncologist and lab work and tests as well.

It is all up from here...