Saturday, June 19, 2010

Birthday Money

Cara had a party to go to and I wanted to come up with an interesting way to present the money other than with a card with money stuffed inside (although that is always welcome). A couple of weeks ago, Cara had her friends over for her birthday party and one of her friends gave her money rolled up in a roll of toilet paper. It was funny to see the toilet paper sitting there among the other gifts. It had a ribbon tied around it and was as festive as the other presents. When it was time to open it, she unrolled the paper. Confetti and dollar bills were inside. It was one of the hits of the party. Everyone loved it. Cara wanted to give one of her friends money too for her gift. I remembered folding up chewing gum wrappers when I was their age and we made long ropes of zig zagging paper. I found a site that gave instructions on how to use the technique to make a bracelet. The money looked great in bracelet form. It was a little big, but more fun that just sliding out of a card.


Angie Kyle said...

Ooh! I love this idea.