Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Owl Pellet

Fun times her at our house. Robyn came home from school very excited right before Thanksgiving. Everyone in her Bio II class was given an owl pellet to dissect. She vividly remembers her teacher doing this with the class in Kindergarten and she was eager to do it herself. The owl pellet contained the skeleton of a rat. Hers was an extra special pellet because it had 2 skulls. Can you see why she was so thrilled? Then can you explain it to me? Anyway, a friend came over and they traded bones in order to get the most complete skeleton. Last night she put him together and added some felt ears to the top of his head. Of course, she forgot him on the dining room table, so I ran him up to school. I wonder if anyone in the office was a little curious as to what was inside the box and looked inside?


Lin said...

I LOVE owl pellets!! Such adventure in dried barf!! My kids hated these things and I would sit there for hours with my bones "map" trying to piece the poor thing together. I'm impressed with the reconstruction (complete with ears) !!!!